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This is me, Daniel. This site is used as my testing ground. It may work great, or maybe not.

TANJ's origins.

The phrase "There ain't no justice" was used by Robert Heinlein in several of his excellent science fiction stories. I'm not sure which books used it, but the character Lazarus Long used it in 'Time enough for Love'. The acronym TANJ was used as an expletive by Larry Niven in his Known Space books. Ringworld was part of that series.

The phrase doesn't bemoan the sad state of law and order, it's closer to a corollary of Murphy's Law (What can go wrong will, and at the worst time). It may even be related to Darryl's Rule (No good deed shall go unpunished.) or O'Toole's corollary (Murphy was an optimist). I believe O'Toole was correct.


I'm a proud husband and father. I have two adult sons( Aaron and Brian). My wife's page is still under construction. So far I have her senior picture from school and my favorite , but that's all. The cats' page is still under destruction.

I've added some wedding pictures for those that wish to share that great date with us. There are more pictures at the Family page


I'm a bit of a gadget junkie. Pictures of my newest gadget, a Toyota Prius hybrid, are in this directory. A good source for Prius info is the Yahoo Prius discussion board. The car's named Isaac because it's "like a purple shade of grey". Readers of "The Flying Sorcerers" may catch the pun. Still puzzled? The answer eluded me for 20 years or so.

I've always liked flashlights, but didn't realize I had a problem until I started counting my flashlights that use LEDs instead of lightbulbs. I admitted I was a Flashaholic when I could not carry them all to the table at the same time. These are some of my small lights. The hologram in the middle is about 4 inches square. It's illuminated by a Nichia 5 mm white LED. This LED takes just miliwatts of electricity and generates no heat so it's ok to leave it running 24 hours per day. Some of these lights will run up to 20 hours without getting dimmer. Others will last several weeks before becoming too dim to read by. Some of these are conventional lights that I've modified to use an LED, others are commercial models. Al lot more can be learned about lights at Candle Power Forums, a bulletin board dedicated to all things that make light.

Lights are so much fun that I became interested in making them from scratch. I have made a few, but my favorite is a small, lightweight light design of my own. I call it the Slim 2. The 1 watt Luxeon LED is powered by a CR123A battery. It's about as bright as a stock 3 D cell Maglight. The battery lasts about two hours. Under normal use that's several months.

7x10 Lathe Threading assistance.

Working with lights introduced me to the joys of machining metal. It's really satisfying to start with a bar of aluminum and end with a working tool or toy. I wrote a web app which will assist you with gear selection and threading on home shop 7x10 lathes. One of these days I'll add the page about setting up a new 7x10 lathe.

Using the LG VX8300 and a Palm TX to access Verizon's Broadband service.

I found that I can use the LG VX8300 to connect my Palm TX to the internet using Verizon's BroadBand Access service over their EVDO network. I can also use it with my laptop to connect to the internet with broadband speeds from most any major populated area. They communicate with bluetooth, no cables required. I've written up a page of instructions for setting up the VX8300 and Palm to talk to each other.

HP Powerwise UPS (model HP C4776A)

Some information that I've gathered about the HP UPS, including some information extracted from the manuals. It's difficult to get this information because HP is no longer actively supporting it. The PowerWise page is here

Computer Controlled X10 Software

The CM11A module from X10 will allow your computer to control lights and appliances throughout your home. There are programs for Windows, Mac, NT, DOS and Linux. I created a linux program called HEYU that can talk to the CM11A interface. I've turned over maintenance of the program to a user group. Complete source and binaries are available at www.heyu.org.

You can send me mail at dbs@tanj.com, though there's seldom reason to.
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